Tenacity Interiors are masters at creating Vanity Units that will be stand-alone statements of style and elegance.

There is nothing like having a piece of furniture specifically made for you that has everything you need, whether you prefer to get ready for your day or to go out socially, in your bedroom, bathroom or dressing room.

So if you want to have the best Vanity Unit that can be made, you will be amazed to learn how much the Tenacity Interiors designers and craftsmen can include into what is often a relatively small unit.

Of course, Vanity Units can also be purpose built storage that gives space for towels and more, so Tenacity Interiors designers are always ready to make suggestions for extra shelving, cupboards and hideaway sections.

The materials used by the teams are always top quality and from traditional ‘country house’ styles to ultra-modern designs, beautiful woods, glossy laminates, imaginative painting and lacquer effects can all be used to create a piece of luxury – just for you.

With additional options for bath-side panelling, laundry lockers and towel storage the Units can also be built to match existing furniture in woods or in finishes you already have in place.

By combining free-standing and fixed units, all to the same design, pattern or finish, your bedroom and attached spaces will be transformed into a high quality suite. Somewhere special to relax and to pamper yourself, or just have some ‘me’ time.

For interior designers, property developers and new-build construction companies, it is the extra flair that often make the difference in a contract being signed or not. There is no doubt that a uniquely designed Vanity Unit does indeed add that sense of something special to any home of any size – such an important factor if you are revitalising a property or creating a new home for people who appreciate style and quality; and expect it as part of what you offer them in a potential new home.