Unique, individual furniture for whatever style of home you have at sensible Norfolk prices

Over recent months, some highly unusual items have been hand-crafted in the workshops. Truly bespoke furniture such as a display case for an Olympic Torch, a music stool created to highly specific measurements, a medieval-styled meal table copied from a history book, eight-foot high doors in sumptuous walnut, replacement doors for a bungalow where the original features had to be matched precisely.

At a secret location in Central London, a major refurbishment of a very large apartment required hand-crafted architraves, door surrounds, skirting boards and window seats, as well as an immaculate modern kitchen and other additions, including bespoke mirrors.

For the Norfolk home of an interior designer with a well-known practice, Tenacity Interiors built external planters made of solid, sturdy tulipwood smoothly finished in a specialised, water-resistant paint in heritage colours. Of course, the same design could have been extended to other pieces for internal use.

Every home is unique, whatever its size or era, and finding furniture which is sympathetic to original designs or provides a contra-design feature is rarely feasible when an interior design project has high standards of style.

This does not apply only to projects that have extensive budgets; smaller scale furniture is often a key element to creating a new look for a home space, such as a table for a hallway or a place to hang coats and store boots or shoes.

Whatever you are looking for – whether it is a simple hall stand or a tack-room seating and storage unit, a table for all your friends and family to eat around or a display case for your prized possessions – Tenacity Interiors will design, make by hand and deliver what you need.

A Pleasure to Use

Tenacity Interiors created an elegant office for me. The design featured soft-close drawers, deep cupboards and top-lit shelving in a lovely blonde wood which makes the room a pleasure to use every day and a delight to look at.
Max Thorne , Norfolk

Finished Article Looks Perfect

Thank you for taking on the tricky business of designing and creating a memorial display cabinet for a 14th Century Church. The finished article looks perfect and blends in nicely with the 16th Century Flemish Terracottas & other marble monuments.
Peter Oddey , St John's Church

Highest Quality & Unique Design

I have commissioned various items for my specific use. The items required were of the highest quality and of a unique design. Karl Andrews carried out these commissions and produced what was required to the highest specification.
Terence Cole , London

The Best Interiors Manufacturers

Not just the big interior projects, also the small personal pieces such as the furniture they made for me to hold my cutlery, plates and glasses together with a very special and unique TV unit all fit in perfectly.
Stan Peach , King's Lynn, Norfolk